Brno Ambassadors


The most effective way of promoting our city abroad is highlighting foreign profesionals happily living and working in Brno and building on the contacts in their regions of origin. That is why we have started creating a community of highly qualified expats, talents and investors as the new power for international marketing of Brno. The project was initiated by Dr. Vlastimil Vesely, the founder of Brno Expat Centre, in 2019, and is currently supported by the Brno Municipality.

Would you like to spread the word about Brno to your contacts back home? Are you interested in meeting internationally oriented people living in Brno? Are you living abroad but you’d like to stay connected to Brno? Would you like to help the Brno region become more international? Let me know at We are still looking for more candidates to cover more countries and regions. The applicants ought to be communicative people with an extensive network of connections, a passion for Brno and the ability to promote it abroad.

Wei-lun Lu
Wei-lun Lu (Taiwan)
Educational consultant (Rehoboth Consultancy); academic (Masaryk University). Born in Taipei and moved to Brno with family in 2013. Also lived in the US (2008-09) and the Netherlands (2011-12). Ph.D. graduate, works with universities, high/middle schools, and study abroad agencies.
Kiran Nagavalli
Kiran Nagavalli (India, Bangalore)
I spent my childhood and student life in Bangalore, and have been in Brno for nearly the same length of time since. I was a plant biologist, but now work in R&D management. I have a way with words and translate between Czech, Kannada and English.
Martin O’Malley
Martin O’Malley (Ireland)
Management Consultant. My expertise is in supporting clients in improving productivity and quality. As a trained and experienced coach I work with individuals and teams to bring out their best. Also an experienced Investor and Entrepreneur.
Frederic Marty
Frederic Marty (France)
CEO of FSCARE SAS based in France and working for majors US companies for Eastern Europe in medical field. I am graduated from Nancy University and Business School ICN. Living in Brno since 2007, working with hospitals located all around the country and with Czech Distributors, I am proud to promote Brno through culture, university, economy and art.
Cezar Babes
Cezar Babes (Romania)
Cezar relocated from Romania to Brno in 2007. He built his life and business here, his fondness for the Czech Republic culminating in marrying his Czech wife almost 10 years ago. His fascination with technology and human psychology led him to become an expert in Cyber Security. You may find his professional credentials on his LinkedIn profile.
Inigo de Pedro
Inigo de Pedro (Spain)
Bc. in Economics from University of Navarre and MBA in International Trade & Management. He was working in the Economic Chamber of the Spanish Embassy in Kiev, acting as a liaison for Spanish companies interested in conducting business in Ukraine. 10 yrs in Brno. Fluent in Spanish, French, English and intermediate Russian. Currently oversees operations of 100+ employees providing business services for leading companies in sw & hw development.
Gerhard Stokin
Gorazd Stokin (Slovenia)
I obtained a medical degree at the University of Trieste and doctoral degree in neurosciences from the University of California. In 2012, I was selected to chair the newly founded International Clinical Research Centre in Brno. There I established my own research laboratory with affiliation to the Mayo Clinic. Currently I focus on the clinical care and research of Alzheimer’s and related disorders.
Adam Stein
Adam Stein (Israel)
I am a web developer and a passionate writer. Specialized in digital marketing and web games development with strong passion towards hiking in nature, travelling and music.
Ratnesh Mathur
Ratnesh Mathur (India, Delhi)
Currently incubating a start-up which is building hyper-local knowledge webs for Indian towns, in local languages. Avid collector of books, prints & music. Many of the collections were built in Europe, when I relocated there to create an Indian BPO company (Infosys) in Brno. Prior to this, I worked in both Retail & Corporate Banking (Citibank), in several Indian cities & London.
Lily Anne Young
Lily-Anne Young (UK, Scotland)
Freeelance teacher & trainer, university lecturer/tutor. Contributor to the Brno Daily web media. I worked and lived in China for 4 years. An avid sports fan and passionate traveller experiencing new cultures.
Yolanda Hoffmann
Yolanda Hoffmann (South African Republic)
Born in South Africa where I completed my education and started a career in the insurance sector. I was working in the industry for more than 15 years. completed the Business management program and customer service certifications. In 2014 I relocated to Brno with my family. After years in IBM currently employed at Kyndryl as a Service manager.
Dominik Tefert
Dominik Tefert (Germany)
After small stints in Djibouti and Budapest I have been working & living in Brno for more than a decade. I am working for an international Industrial manufacturer responsible for the aftersales activities in the EMEA region. I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling and photography.